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I record and perform solo and with friends. My current project is Spoiled Horse Racer.

Check out the SoundCloud where I post straight from my GarageBand song notebook.

Music videos

 House of the Rising Sunin Brooklyn, NY

"Silver & Gold" song

Music by Eva Ave. & Sam Miller, Video by Stacey Holder

Video by Michelle Basta. Music by Carlosaur, Eva Ave., & Roman Garcia. 2009

Eva Avenue playing banjo with nylon guitar strings at Small Engine Gallery one Albuquerque morning.

Film by Eva Ave. and Stacey J. Holder. Third movement piano music by Eva Ave.

Music composed by Eva Ave. Film by Eva Ave. and Stacey J. Holder

A funny little video of "Gotta Catcha Fish" my friend BillyJoe Miller made one Albuquerque winter day. My hands were so cold!

Playing after-dinner music in a church in Albuquerque after this photo shoot my friends helped me put together for a photo class project.

Playing washboard on "Trade Yer Myrtle" on a stage somewhere with Carlosaur

single recordings